Will Young was born July 1, 1987, in Bellingham Washington to Betty and Walter Young. His mother was German/Italian descent, while his father is Alaskan Native/English descend. Will was named after his fathers best friend Bill Simmons; former radio dj at a local radio station 92.9 KISM. 

   At the age of 5, Wills parents divorced and Will moved with his mother to Seattle Washington. They eventually moved to California in the LA area. They bounced from one woman shelter to another. At one point they lived in an African American woman’s shelter, where him and his little brother were assaulted every day until the children discovered they were Native Americans. They eventually moved their way back up the coast. 

    Will attended a private Native American school called Wa He Lut. He attended the school for 5 years. Will started to grow his interest in music by playing drums at pow wows and school functions. Due to Wills light skinned appearance we was harassed and assaulted by the other students on a daily bases. Wills parents reunited and he moved back to Bellingham WA. 


   Will met Jose Robles when he was 12 years old and later they formed the rap group 6 feet Deep. Will went by the Alias Waztid (wasted) Will , while Jose went by Wicked J. They headlined their first show in 2005 at the night club Tequila Rock. They went on to perform and headline multiple shows in the Bellingham area.

   In 2005 Will Went to Washington DC and recorded at Depth Charge Studios. Depth Charge Studios is an extensive studio that has recorded Eminem, G-unit, Lil Kim and many MTV artist. Later on that trip Will was given the chance to perform in a crowd of 250+ audience of people from all over the country. In 2006 Will graduated high school and was given a chance to perform at his graduation ceremony. 

   After graduating Will decided to be clean and sober. Will stepped away from the party life and focus on pursuing a career. In August 2007, his daughter Hailey was born. 3 months after his daughter was born his Older brother Russ passed away from a methadone overdose. During this time period, he was having issues with his daughters’ mother and they eventually separated. Not knowing how to cope with the loss of his brother and separation from his partner, he started to drink and smoke again. 

   Will started writing again and working on an album with Jose. They released their self titled album 6 Feet Deep in July 2009. In 2010 they went on their first tour with Doomsday Productions on the “Hounds of the Underground” tour. This was a 20 city tour from Washington, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Idaho and Oregon. They’ve toured with Krizz Kaliko and Prozak of Strange music. They’ve opened up for Axe Murder Boyz and Anybody Killa of Psychopathic Records, Hopsin, Twisted Insane, Spice One, Lil Flip and many more. 

   In 2011 Will opened a record store called Bellingham Underground where he sold nothing but local and underground music. The store was an outlet to help local/underground artist to sell merchandise and tickets. He also would showcase an artist every month at a local bar called The Glow Nightclub. In November of that year, Will was spiraling downward with drinking that he decided to get sober once again. Will stepped away from the music scene while seeking recovery. 

   At the time Will was fighting for custody of his daughter Hailey and achieved 50% custody after a long battle with the courts. During this time Will met, his now wife, Karly and they had their first son Lucas. Will was eventually able to have his daughter full time. Wills mother passed away March of 2014. While slipping into depression Will started to write lyrics again. 

   On December 15, 2015 he released his album AKA Waztid Will. This album was the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Later that month he released a mixtape Waztid Material a compilation of unreleased songs from his early years. 

  He then started working on his new project “Survivor.” The album was released November 16,2016 at the 5 year mark of his sobriety. He later released his single “Keep it Going” in 2018. Later that year his wife and him had their 2nd child, Colton. While working, raising his children, and loving his wife, Will has been back in the Studio and released his latest Single “Walkin’,” Will is working on new songs and planing to get back into performing this upcoming year.